The Geneva Incident
by Godfrey Oswald

I am putting finishing touches to an exciting novel, I have been working on since 2013 in my free time. My first novel is titled The Geneva Incident. I am aiming to finish the new novel by summer 2017. At the moment currently I am focusing on adding more twists and turns to the plot to keep the reader guessing till near the end of the novel. The Edward Snowden revelations about the NSA and the latest WikiLeaks updates, means more juicy ammunition has been found for the plot. With so much to choose from for the novel, I am in no rush to finish the novel, but made a strict New Year resolution in 2016 to finish it in 2017.

When the NSA discovers that five of the worlds top secret computer hackers have arrived in Geneva for reasons unknown, it passes on the details to the Swiss authorities and takes no further action. But things get pretty serious when the CIA discovers that Russian and Chinese spies have been tracking the hackers every movement on arrival. Soon spies from the world's top spy agencies descend en masse in Geneva, and a major international incident is in the making.

Q & A
Why did you choose Geneva as the main place where the plot in the novel takes place?
I wanted the plot to take place in a city outside London. A city I know very well. I choose Geneva as I have visited it several times and have lived and worked there too.

What is the genre of the novel?
It is an espionage novel with all the hallmarks of a thriller novel and some added comic relief to spice it up too.

What actually happens in Geneva to warrant an international incident?
Sorry, that information is marked top secret and is strictly on a need to know basis. Only myself and the editors of the publisher for the novel will know. Everyone else will know what happens when the novel comes out.

Why did you write the novel?
Well I have mostly been involved in non-fiction published work, outside my library day job since my university days, and back in summer 2013, while on a short holiday in Geneva, breaking news reports were filtering in from Hong Kong about a guy called Edward Snowden. As more news kept coming in and events shifted from Hong Kong to Moscow, my imagination ran wild as I soon came up with a very good idea for a new spy novel (The Geneva Incident). I was working back then, so I only got to work on the novel manuscript on weekends.

What's the big deal about your new novel?
I been researching, writing and compiling facts for reference projects (published and on the web) since 1995 and having perfected these skills while working as a librarian, I have written non-fiction books that have been positively reviewed around the world, and I currently have 10 blogs I update. I now take these extensive writing skills and research skills and try my hand on a fiction novel this time around. Some will enjoy my new novel from start to finish, some won't! If you enjoy it, great!, if you did not enjoy it, tell me why.

Who are you anyway? Your definitely not a celebrity! Never heard of you!
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